What Is The Right Time To Change Old Playground Equipment?

What Is The Right Time To Change Old Playground Equipment?

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What Is The Right Time To Change Old Playground Equipment

Commercial outdoor parks and gardens have different equipment for kids. This equipment is built to entertain the children. But some playground tools and equipment are damaged easily due to weather conditions and rust. It is important to replace the old and damaged playground equipment to prevent accidents.

Which factors affect the life of playground equipment?

The life of playground is affected by certain factors such as under:

  • The material of the equipment
  • Construction and design of the playground equipment
  • Weather conditions like heavy rains, heat, snow and winds
  • Period of use
  • Maintenance and cleaning tasks
  • Wildlife near the parks

Most of the playground equipment is designed from metal, plastic, or wood. Metal equipment gets rust and corrosion because of water and snow. Even wooden equipment can break and damage due to bugs.

When to install new playground equipment?

As a result, the children fall and get injured by playing on old and damaged equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to check the quality of playground equipment every few years. Some things or situations indicate that it is a good time to replace old playground equipment and get the new one.

  1. Damages to the equipment

One of the easiest ways to recognize when to replace playground equipment. If the equipment is damaged due to continuous use, you must replace the equipment. Apart from that, one must also see whether there is a part missing in the equipment. Missing parts of playground equipment can result in injuries to the kids. Besides, the life of the equipment will also be affected without some parts.

  1. Repeated complaints

Public parks and commercial playgrounds are the favorite spots to play for children. Parents often visit these parks with their kids. So, if you receive regular complaints from the parents regarding equipment, it is time to replace the old equipment. Using old and ruptured equipment can cause accidents and your park can suffer heavy loss.

  1. Improper functioning of the equipment

Some playground equipment such as merry-go-round and swings can function improperly due to defects. They may break or damage due to malfunctioning. If you find any of these tools not working smoothly, it is time to get them replaced and get new playground equipment soon.

  1. Multiple tasks of repairing

Playground equipment can be considered safe to use until it gets repaired once or twice. But if your playground equipment has to be repaired often, you must replace it. Equipment that needs repairing at regular intervals is no longer safe to use. 

  1. Surfacing of equipment

Playground equipment with rough surfacing is very dangerous for use. 

So, you must get proper and genuine surfacing done of the equipment for long use. Adequate surfacing helps the equipment perfect for use and makes it sustainable for usage.

  1. Obsolete equipment

If playground equipment is quite some years old, it must be replaced with new and better equipment. Obsolete and deprecated equipment must not be used. Equipment must be advanced and smooth.

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